This is a live resource, and all visitors are encouraged to enter new data or adjust inaccuracies. As such, on every car’s information page there are links to submit data about that car. If you notice a missing or incorrect car, please let us know.

This project stemmed from the efforts to create online racing events with evenly matched cars in the TPRA and DriverSports organisations. Without an accurate resource, this task was made very difficult.

We used a consistent methodology to account for engine break in and wear in GT5, to make this resource as meaningful and accurate as possible. Data was importted where appropriate from GT5 to GT6, and submissions of accurate data from the community for GT6 are very much encouranged.


Continuing support

2017-01-18 11:51:20

In response to a few private messages, while GT6 and the hardware that plays it is still around, this site will be. However, although it pains me, I don’t have the time to add support for further titles, and perform the many site improvements that I would like to make. But rest assured, this site will be around even if it’s still useful only to a few diehards or holdouts.

I am very happy to provide a copy of any or all car information in this database, should somebody want to forge a new project, perhaps if Gran Turismo reboots in GT Sport with a title that builds upon this catalogue of cars.

Perhaps those are famous last words, that I don't have the time to build support for GT Sport myself, but for now that’s my opinion.

GT6 Tunes and Times

2014-08-27 12:07:29

GT6 support has been added for tunes and lap times. Tunes can be made for cars, lap times associated with tunes and both can be searched for under "Search Tunes". This now works just as it did in GT5, and was important for future upgrades to the database (i.e., GT7 support).

Events continue to operate only in GT5 mode. I aim to get events to work at least before GT7, as making all sides of the site operate for two games makes it far easier to update for a third.


2014-07-31 12:05:09

At present, I have decided to leave the tunes and events sides as they are (i.e. not really supporting GT6). Updating these features further will take a decent amount of coding, which isn't balanced by the amount of use these features are seeing. I will consider how to update these when we see how GT7 implements these features. If folks do really want GT6 tunes and events pages to be updated, please use the contact link to request them - I don't mind putting the work in if it will be appreciated and utilized.

Camber and Toe Defaults

2014-07-31 12:01:38

With GT6 1.09 a number of camber and toe values changed from their default 0/0 camber 0/.2 toe to other values. As such, those values collected at older versions, or imported from GT5 will now be incorrect. Many production cars now have 0.5/1.5 camber and 0/0.6 toe defaults, but there are so many exceptions to this that I have left the values as they were recorded or imported, awaiting corrections when car data is submitted.

Changeable Numbers

2014-07-31 11:58:23

With GT6 1.10 changeable numbers can be applied to a number of high detail production cars. As such, all high detail production cars have been changed to indicate that they can take a changeable number. This might not be true for all, and maybe true for some others besides these, but I'll keep an eye out for exceptions.

GT6 Upgrade, Stage 2 Complete: Searches

2014-02-20 13:04:23

Full car searches have been added for GT6.

Some bugs have been squashed.

Changing game in one tab is now less likely to affect your actions in another, although this will still happen for some actions (it is hard to determine for every action whether a user is in tab A or tab B). This will become less relevant as more of GTData is fully GT6 ready.

GT6 Upgrade, Stage 1 Complete

2014-02-16 18:55:33

The cars from GT6 have been included in the database, both the new ones and those also present in GT5. The GT5 cars have the translatable data from GT5, which needs validation (especially the maximum performance data), while the cars that are new to GT6 have no data. Go right ahead and submit all the data you can for the new and old cars alike!

The switch on the top right allows you to switch between GT5 and GT6, with a change in colour scheme to remind you which set of data you're looking through. Links to GT5 searches, events or tunes will (mostly) switch you back to GT5, with it's white colour scheme, although GT5 tunes and events can be observed when switched to GT6, and still mostly work.

The next step will be to provide functionality to full searches.

Then I'll support GT6 events, tunes and lastly tune-searches.


2014-01-15 12:29:06

I am in the process of including GT6 Cars in GTData. I can't provide an accurate time frame for the creation of a GT6 side to the site, as I have a real job as well, but check back here for updates. So far, I have completed the first step, to associate the cars from GT6 with their GT5 versions, if any. Next will be the creation of the cars in the DB, then the creation of a switch to change between GT5 and GT6.

Lastly will be the big one: data collection and confirmation. I rely on the power of the crowd for this, as we did with the GT5 data. A little work spread among many goes a long way, so please, contribute any data you find.

GT5 v2.11 un-update

2013-02-20 08:31:48

As Polyphony Digital has decided to rollback the PP values to their pre GT5 v2.10 values, the values entered for 2.10 are being rolled back at GTData to match. Likewise, the warnings about unconfirmed 2.10 data have been removed; at least until PD decides on a different different PP formula. These values of the ~100 odd cars that we got v2.10 data from will be backdated by the end of today. In the meantime, submission of car data is disabled, to make avoid mistakes on the database side.

More details on v2.10 update

2013-01-29 08:15:30

The largest effects of the v2.10 game update on PP seem to target rear wheel drive cars, typically lowering them.

The PP of cars with installed aero has changed, but only often at max and min aero, and then just by 0-2 PP. Typically the min aero value is higher, and the max aero value is lower than prior, narrowing slightly the range of PP available by tweaking aero. To editorialize, that hardly seems enough of a change to warrant the effort on their part. The change in aero calculation means that all the maxed PP values recorded prior to 2.10 will differ, although for cars with low aero this is typically a change of just ~1 PP.

Notes on the car information pages have been made to inform of the magnitude of probable deviations.

GT5 Version 2.10 Changes PP Values

2013-01-17 16:13:21

The Performance Points (PP) values for many, but not all cars were altered by the GT5 version 2.10 update. As such, many PP values in GTData will now be out of date. Changes like this, especially to PP by Polyphany Digital were forseen when the database was created, so the version that performance data were curated at has been stored in the database since its inception.

Thus, I have provided a warning on each car's information page if the PP of that car has not been validated. I have updated the submit page to provide a checkbox to indicate that a car's PP is accurate in GTData as of the current GT5 version.

You can search for cars on the basis of what game version their data was collected at, and view this value in a column for all search results.

I encourage anyone with time to check the list of these cars against their garages for the accuracy of their PP values, and if possible update stock and maxed pp values by following the links to submit data on the car information pages. Please also submit data for any cars that have not changed their PP on this list, using the aforementioned checkbox on the submit form.

As always, remember that cars need to have been driven between 200 and 6000 miles, and have an oil change before the data can be considered accurate for GTData.

Comments Update

2013-01-17 16:12:48

Comments on cars has been revised, in order to attribute the comments to the users that submitted them. Combined cars comments can now always be shown as a column in any car search results table.

Event updates, bug fixes.

2013-01-09 12:48:39

Clarified event submission options, including the option for events requiring registration without time submission and/or car selection.

Several bug fixes. For instance, discovered that switching between 'official' and 'course maker' tracks did not work on some pages. Events without car or track selection did not work properly.

Event submissions now require captcha, if not logged into GTData, to prevent spam.

GT5 2.09

2012-11-28 10:26:30

Updated events and times to reflect the new settings available for tire wear and fuel consumption, as of GT5 version 2.09

Back Online

2012-11-27 16:32:07

Thanks for your patience. All is operational again now after an unplanned month down, due to Sandy.

Server Maintenance

2012-10-22 12:48:12

Site availability

GTData will be down for ~ 3 days while new hardware is installed, from 10/24/12 until 10/27/12. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Search Similar Cars

2012-10-22 12:46:37

"Search Similar Cars" is now an option when viewing a car. This performs a search for cars with the same body style (coupé, roadster etc.), engine type, seat count and drivetrain, and with similar (+/- 5%) engine displacement, power, weight and PP.

Exclude Dummy Tunes

2012-04-27 13:55:08

More small changes. Refresh your cache, to get the new CSS files.

  • Formatting changes to view_event, including a slightly wider width to accommodate wider submissions table content.
  • Dates added to mouse-over in tune ancestry.
  • The auto-generated "dummy" tunes for events can now be excluded from a tunes/times search and are not shown on each cars main data page. These place-holder tunes are created so that a user can record their submitted time with their GTData without the rigmoral of creating a real tune. An event creator might edit these "dummy" tunes to have an accurate representation of the performance and parts present on the car of a driver submitting a time for their event, but by default the dummy tune can be almost blank, and thus may not be of much interest when searching for tunes and times.
  • When submitting a time for an event, you can choose to associate that time with any tune for your selected car. Previously, you could only choose one of your own tunes.

Small updates

2012-04-20 14:16:46

Bunch of small changes and bug fixes:

  • Added an iframe link for posting events in external sites
  • Renamed event "results" to "submissions", as the former was confusing to those using the submitted times for qualifying or event registration.
  • Added/updated boost, tire and drivetrain preferences to the GT5 online room regulations, to better reflect the in-game options.
  • Fixed a problem where searching cars on fuel type was not returning hybrids.
  • 'Remember me' option for login was made somewhat more robust and reliable.

Permanent Login

2012-04-13 16:15:05

Provided a range of medium and small improvements:

  • Long requested, but now available: permanent login.
  • If only one car in event, don't have to select a car before submitting a time.
  • Toggles for event related iframes.
  • "Tuning Prohibited" has an explicit button in GT5 room settings, is better annotated.
  • Explicit links can be provided to a given user's events. This can also be provided as iframe code, for implementation on sites that allow inline HTML.
  • Fixed an unclosed div element in "Your GTData" that was causing wonky formatting in the PS3 browser.

Surface Water

2012-02-21 22:23:39

Surface water has been added as an option for lap times.

Car Search Results Improvements

2012-02-16 20:04:30

I have made a couple of improvements to the car search results page, which required a rewriting of much of that page and the underlying javascripts, although it looks outwardly similar. You should dump cache to force the reload of javascript files, if you see whacky behaviour.

To exclude a car from search results, you just click on the [x] next to the car. Exclusion happens immediately. You can edit the list of excluded cars with a "modify" link, as with other search criteria. As a result of this re-formatting, 'enter' and 'escape' keys now work intuitively when annotating search results (previously they may have induced an unwanted page reload).

Minor updates

2012-02-14 22:04:21

I've made few minor tweaks and improvements here and there. A cache update may be necessary for live filtering of tables to work correctly.

Times Tables

2012-01-27 19:14:41

I added a table of all your times to your user home page. This might be handy for people that record a lot of times on other's tunes.

2.03 Cars Available for Data

2012-01-17 17:14:07

I have inserted the names of the cars for the version 2.03 DLC Car Pack, as well as the Special Stage X track. Add your data about those cars.

I also fixed an issue with total aero, where some cars with "0/0" aero did not have their max aero values calculated correctly.

Filter User Tables

2012-01-14 09:53:43

Updated with a few bug squashes, and the ability to filter tunes, searches etc on user_home pages

Service Interuptions

2012-01-08 08:04:50

GTData's DNS host has been experiencing a Denial Of Service attack, so access to GTData has been intermittent over the past day. The host reports that they are getting on top of the attack, and access is returning to normal.

Search Notes

2012-01-04 12:32:38

Performance data for all cars, broken in, in stock and max modified states is almost complete. Some of the remaining cars are Chrome-Line or Stealth pre-order bonus cars that not everybody has access to, or Karts.

I have added the ability to add your own notes next to a car in the car search results, to help with making custom lists of cars for events and event postings. These notes are specific to a particular car in a particular search only, and will not be copied when you make a copy of the search.

Dumping cache might be necessary to update Javascript and CSS files.

<100 cars without all data!

2011-12-27 13:07:30

Patched some small updates. There is now an improved color submission system for adding missing colors. Dumping your cache may be necessary to force your browser to refresh the CSS and Javascript files.


2011-12-15 16:09:58

You can now save your tunes at GTData. Chose a car, scroll down, then 'Enter Tune'. If parts information has been provided for that car, the default parts will initially be loaded, and disallowed parts will be disabled.

Lap Times can be recorded now too. When viewing the tune that the lap time was recorded with, select 'Add Time'.

You can search for tunes and times in the same way that you can search for cars, which I hope will become useful, as the number of tunes and times increases.

You can now make friends with other users from your 'Your GTData' page, and view tunes and searches that they have set to be shared with friends, should keeping your tunes private be your concern :)

Tunes and tune-searches can be embedded in forums and such using iframe code, just as car searches could be.

This is the initial rollout of these new features, doubtless with a few bugs and quirks, and I welcome all reports and suggestions.

Spec 2.0 cars are ready for data

2011-10-18 19:53:34

I have added what I know of the Spec 2.0 cars to the database. All DLC cars, including but not limited to the Spec 2.0 release, are listed here. As always contributions of data of any kind are greatly appreciated.

Quick Search just got smarter.

2011-10-03 17:12:02

Typing in the quick search box now searches more than just make, model and year. Also searched is country and race league, as well as several keywords for car classification: concept, production, street, tuner and race will narrow your search accordingly. Additionally, stock horsepower, torque, PP and weight can be included in your quick search phrase by typing a number followed by hp, tq, pp or kg. Results returned are within +/-10% of the requested value.

After typing, press enter to go to a table of your search results. You can modify your search here. For more advanced searches continue to use the "Search Cars" link in the menu.

Try it by typing "Japan race 900hp 1000kg" and pressing enter.

Up 2 weeks

2011-09-27 18:40:25

Up for two weeks, and I've been squashing small bugs and dealing with some simple suggestions.

The biggest change so far has been that when you look at a car's detail page, the previous and next links only go through your search results, not through an alphabetical list of cars.

I've removed the 'browse' link from the menu, since it's functionality was somewhat useless. The most effective way to explore the ~1000 cars is to first design a search, browse through that search, then refine the search.

I'll be adding to the criteria queried in the quick car search box to include some of the common things people search for, beyond the make-model-year car name.

Beta Release

2011-09-10 13:59:51

This is an initial rollout of the site for preliminary analysis and feedback. Please test out the search and submission system, and let me know if you find any errors or bugs. The site will not always be available during this initial setup, so please be patient.

I am working on some improvements to submit new colours to associate with a car, and to associate two cars that are the same, but sold in different markets or under different manufacturer labels. After ironing out bugs, and getting the site permanently online, I’ll add functionality to record tunes and lap times.