Welcome to GTData

This is a crowd-sourced database of the statistics of cars in Gran Turismo. Filter the cars however you wish to find cars that meet any combination of criteria, using our fully flexible search system. Save your searches and paste them into your website.

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Tunes, Lap Times and Events:

You can also use GTData to store your tunes and lap times, share them with others, search for tunes and create submission forms for your own Gran Turismo online events.

GT6 Support:

Support for GT6, and the new cars, have been added, where possible converting data for old cars from GT5. Please submit data for new and old cars! Use the game link top right to switch between GT6 and GT5. Search for cars using the quick-search text box in the menu (the full search page hasn't been prepared for GT6 data just yet).

GT6 Tunes Support Recently Added:

The ability to add and search tunes and lap times for GT6 has been added. Events still only work in GT5 mode.